1.What is polyester spun yarn material?
Polyester spun yarn is made of polyester staple fiber by spinning. It mostly refers to the fiber produced with ethylene terephthalate as the raw material. According to the abbreviation of its English name "polyethylene terephthalate", it is called "pet" fiber for short. 

2.Is polyester A filament fiber?
To be exact, "yarn" is a slender object with a certain strength and linear density, in which many staple fiber or filaments are arranged in an approximately parallel state and rotated and twisted along the axial direction.
Our polyester yarn is made of polyester staple fiber, not filament.

3.Is it virgin yarn or recycled yarn?
Is for virgin raw white yarn.

4.What is the difference between virgin yarn and recycled yarn?
1).Different raw materials
Virgin Polyester yarn is produced by polymerization and esterification of chemical raw materials PTA and MEG.
Recycled polyester is granulated with recycled materials (PET bottle, foam, etc.) and then drawn into fiber.

2). Different function
The strength and other properties of the virgin yarn will be stronger than recycled polyester yarn;

5.Knitting yarn or woven yarn?
Knitting yarn and woven yarn are both produced, but mainly knitting.

6.Technical Data Information Of Polyester Yarn?

7.Why is the needle broken on the equipment during production?

There are many reasons for needle breakage, mainly due to yarn evenness, such as yarn strength and too much hairiness; or improper maintenance of machine equipment can also lead to needle breakage during spinning.
However, this rarely happens in virgin yarn.

8.What are the main uses of polyester yarn?
Mainly used in clothing fabrics, such as T-shirt, pants, underwear, gloves, socks and so on..

9.What are the colors of virgin polyester yarn?
At present, we mainly produce the virgin yarn in raw white and black, and other colors need to be customized, with a minimum order quantity.

10.What's the gross and net weight of each bag? How many goods can per 40HQ load?
There are 12 or 9 cones to pack each bag; each cone is 2.08kg, each bag has a net weight of 25.0kg and a gross weight of about 25.6kg.
Usually a 40HQ can hold 23-24 tons.

11.What's the packing method and delivery time?
At present, there are two ways of packing: carton and woven bag. In the future, there will be pallets;
The delivery time of conventional varieties is usually about 7-10 days.

12.What is the cause of dust on the equipment?
The problems about dust in the equipment usually occurs in the recycled yarns.
The main reasons are the problem of raw materials, too much hairiness of yarn and too low humidity in the workshop,and so on.
At present, our products rarely have such a situation.

13.How about the quality of virgin polyester yarn?
Our virgin yarn for AA grade, which can guarantee 28 needle circular knitting machine

14.Can samples be provided and how to charge for samples?
We can offer a few baby cones yarns for free.

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