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We mainly supply polyester spun yarn (virgin and recycled),polyester staple fiber,polyester filament,Sofa fabric and other products.there are many specifiction for your choose,some product we can also customize for you

CITIC NANYANG (Xiamen) Textile Technology Co., Ltd, mainly polyester yarn (virgin and recycled) ,polyester staple fiber, filament and other products.  In the past three years,the total sales revenue is 90 million US dollars, includes export sales revenue of 51 million and import sales revenue is 39 million US  dollars.
Citic Nanyang (Xiamen) Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Our products are mainly exported to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand,    Myanmar, Pakistan and other countries for a long time. We have a variety of diversification and can meet customer customized. Price reasonable and can provide quite good sales service. We stick to the principle of "quality first, service first"  and our items are exported to at home and abroad.

Our products are mainly exported Egypt, Paraguay,Thailand and other countries for a long time, with good business reputation and perfect service system to won the high admiration and support.We attend domestic and foreign exhibitions every year and hope to bring our products and technology to overseas,promote our company's brand and value to customers and solve the specific needs of customers.

عندما يتعاون فريق العمل بكل حب وأخلاص تكون النتيجة هو نجاح العمل والوصول لمكانة كبيرة بين الشركات والمصانع الأخرى ومن أجل مساعدة الفريق على أستكمال تلك الروح الجميلة يجب تشجيعهم من خلال إرسال كلمات شكر وتقدير على ما يبذلونه من جهد  لكم كل الشكر والتقدير  أخوكم حسام كربوج سوريا 
أخوكم حسام كربوج سوريا Syria
أخوكم حسام كربوج سوريا
I am at the top of my gratitude to your company because it is of wonderful quality and commitment beyond imagination. The company's employees are very committed and cooperative, and they have a high degree of understanding.
Shereen Egypt
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Our factory is the first 5G intelligent application workshop in our province and adopts 5G technology to remotely monitor and record production data in real time.Once there is a quality warning in production lines,the system will remind us,we can quickly deal with the problem.Adding that blowing-carding unit,roving-spining unite,intelligent yarn packing logistices system,realizing the automation of the entire production line,Greatly improving production efficiency and reducing mistakes  

Blowing of Spinning Process Blowing of Spinning Process
Blowing of Spinning Process
Roving of Spinning Process Roving of Spinning Process
Roving of Spinning Process
Carding of Spinning Process Carding of Spinning Process
Carding of Spinning Process
Spinning Process Spinning Process
Spinning Process
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