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High Tenacity Nylon 6 Yarn

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Nylon 6 yarn is made of polycaprolactam raw material through spinning process. Its main characteristics are good durability and elasticity, especially excellent durability, and its hygroscopicity is also among the best among synthetic fibers.


DTY has a curled shape after being twisted and deformed by POY and has high bulkiness and elasticity. Its yarn fabric is soft, skin-friendly and soft-reflected in color. PA 6 Nylon DTY mainly used for silk stockings, seamless underwear, weaving, ribbon, lace and so on.


Product Application


 High Tenacity Nylon 6 Yarn

1. Plain weaving—water jet, air jet,

2. Knitting - weft knitting, warp knitting

3. Covering-ACY, SCY


Product Specification

NANYANG as a Polyamide Manufacturer supply kinds of Nylon DTY yarn such as Semi Dull DTY,Full Dull DTY,Black DTY,and different specification such as 15D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 70D, 100D, We also offer Non-intermingled(NIM),slight-intermingled(SIM),and high-intermingled(HIM)  for different Nylon textured yarn.


15D 7F 20D 24F
20D 7F,24F 30D 36F
30D 12F,24F,36F 40D 36F
40D 12F,36F 50D 48F
50D 24F,48F 60D 48F
70D 24F,48F,68F 70D 68F
100D  36F,96F DTY DDB
30D 12F*2,36F*2 70D 24F
40D 12F*2,36F*2 70D 24F*2
70D 24F*2,24F*3,24F*6,68F*2 70D 48F
100D  36F*2,36F*4,36F*6 40D 12F,36F


Packing and Shipping

Pallets Packing




What are the advantages of nylon fabric?

Nylon fabric has the advantages of high strength, durability, good hygroscopicity, lightness, strong wear resistance and easy care, so it is widely used in various fields, including clothing, outdoor products, luggage, sports equipment, etc.


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